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Some of the differences between a paralegal and/or legal document assistant, and an attorney, is  that a paralegal and/or legal document assistant can not give you legal advice.  I can give you procedures.  I can not represent your divorce case in court, or speak in your behalf in court.  Often when clients come to a paralegal/LDA they already know what they want to prepare & file.  Or modify,  an existing legal document or court order, such as child support, visitation, and custody. 
 Offering, Estate Planning Packets containing; Living Trusts, Wills & Advance Medical Directive $425.  Apply military discount if applicable.
  As a paralegal/LDA, I have access to the same  judicial, and county forms as the court system, or an attorney giving you the legal help you need with your Petitions. A paralegal and/or legal document assistant, can not argue your divorce case in the court room, nor represent you in the court room.  I offer mediation.  I also offer military discounts. 
 Case's prepared by a paralegal/LDA are sometimes agreed upon by both parties, labeled as a default divorce, or a un-contested divorce or legal separation. (Dissolution) With the help of my mediation skills, I am usually able to help parties come to an agreement within their petition.
   I am very experienced,  allowing you to proceed with confidence with your divorce, custody, support & visitation.  If you however did hire an attorney, rather then a paralegal/LDA to prepare your divorce, legal separation, or modification for child support, visitation, and support, you have incurred expensive hourly fees to your attorney. You still in most cases will have to agree on your child visitation, support, and custody.  As well as the assignment of your assets and debts to complete your divorce.  If your unable, often the courts order these decisions for you within CA state laws.   In the end, you both truly just want your divorce case settled to the satisfaction of both parties, and put  it behind you.  I provide the same procedure steps, as well as offer some mediation between parties if needed.  Saving as much of your cash flow as you can.    Even if you have already hired an attorney I am still able to help.
 In the State of California,  a paralegal is truly a person who works for a law firm under the direction of an attorney.   I do not.  I founded my own company in 2000.  I however do have the accreditation,  graduation diploma, credits, and hours of a licensed paralegal.  I  am  licenses & bonded.  Registered as a LDA in the county.  Due to state guide lines, my official title is a LDA= Legal Document Assistant even with my paralegal certification,  since I do not work for attorney, I must call my self an LDA.  
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I would like to share with you my education I have earned in the field of independent legal and paralegal studies. Now in the State of California, you must  be known as a 'Legal Document Assistant'  if you are not employed by an attorney, which I am not. 
 I have been through one of the best accredited paralegal schools.  Washington Institute.  I have taken the courses offered by the National Notary Association.  As well as passed the national notary test given by the secretary of state. I have gone through finger printing and a back ground investigation. The courses I have been trained and tested in are as follows.
Perspectives, problems and skills of the paralegal.
Practical Bankruptcy law.
Wills, Trusts and Estate administration.
Family law.
Foundations of business organizations.
Criminal law.
Essentials of torts.
Essentials of practical Real Estate law.
Extensive Experience
Living Trusts
Petitions of all kinds
Family law in all areas
Probate matters