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I have broken down many of the most common matters for you.  These will provide you the information up front that you will need to collect for some of the paperwork you may want to file.  It might be best if you print out this info.  The sooner you provide me with your information the sooner I can get your documents to you which will able you to get your documents filed with the courts.  These are just a few examples in Family law= divorce, dissolution, legal separation, nullity, child custody/visitation/support, modifications, OSC's,  Probate= Wills & Living Trusts, any power of attorney needed for another individual.  Guardianship's, adoptions,  & civil.  However feel free to contact me   OR
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Child/children's full names, address, sex, date of birth, city, state, county of childs birth
Both biological parents full names, DOB, drivers license #, address
Place of business of parents with address and Phone #'s and emails address. Guardians full name, DOB, address, drivers license #, place of business along with address and phone numbers.
Income and expenses ( I will provide you with a form )
Explanation for request. Mediation provided if needed.
How long has guardian been in child's life?
List all address's child has lived in the last 5 years.
Maternal and paternal grandparents names, address's and phone numbers.
List all persons living in the home with the minor child.  As well as their  drivers lic #'s, DOB.

This will get us started for your legal guardianship.
Other Probate Matters.
Wills, Living Trusts, Trusts, adoption, guardianship. Emergency orders within guardianship cases.
I also offer legal name change.
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Birth name
New requested name
DOB, sex, address
If applicant is a minor, parents names, address & phone #
Reason for request of name change.

This is most of the information I will need to start your documents. You may also be required to post this in your local newspaper in the back legal section for 3 consecutive weeks. Which will be a separate fee.


This gives you most of your information to collect for any of the case's mentioned above.

Full legal names of both spouses, DOB
Address, phone numbers, emails. 
Employers~ address, phone #'s Gross income
Child or children's full names, sex, DOB, all address for the last 5 years.
Who shall child live with? Custody specifics. 
Who will have legal custody? Mother, father or joint
Who will have physical custody? Mother Father or joint
Who will have visitation?
How will that be divided. ( I have a holiday schedule if you want I can provide)
Is any one asking for spousal support? If so who and how much?
Have you agreed on child support, if so, how much?
List all propertys, accounts, retierments, life insurance, household furnishings, vehicles, ANY AND ALL assets AND debts. When these assets and debts were incurred, how much if anything is owed, what is the payment, and to whom is it owed?
Will wife keep her married name? I can change it free of cost during the divorce.  What will it be returned to, if she would like it changed?
Date of Marriage
Date of separation
Is any one planning on applying for AFDC or welfare?
Who will provide health insurance for the children?  List payment, carrier and policy numbers.
Often an expense decleration is needed. I will provide that form.
This is the bulk of information I require to have to start your paperwork. Once provided to me in full with your deposit check of $225.00, I will prepare Phase One of your documents and have them ready in 3-5 business days. At that point you can file them with the county clerk and then have your spouse served. There is a filing fee owed to the courts that is separate from my fees.
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Emergency Orders

Ask about Mediation with my company.
Offering Emergency Orders.
Military discounts.

Full names and DOB's of both parents.
Full names of child/children and DOB, sex and address.
Place of birth of children
Address, and email address of both parents
Address where child resides  now, and all address's for the past 5 years.
If there is already an existing order please provide me with a copy of the case number, the date of the document and the exact orders.
Is this child involved with any other pending court cases?
what support is being requested?
Income and Expenses ( I will provide this form)
Specializing in child support, support, mediation.
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Full names, DOB, sex, address of all children and both parents
Which parent will have legal custody?
What about joint and physical. her ( ) him ( ) joint ( )
Will any one need supervised visitation, if so, state why.
How will holidays be divided?
How will visitation be divided?
Is /are child/children involved in any other pending court cases?
This will get us started on custody and visitation. I will however have more questions as we progress. This is just a sampling as the documents regarding children are very extensive and precise.


To prepare a will and or a living trust~~ I will need your full name, address, DOB, 
Your first trustee, second trustee, and your beneficiaries.
All your assets and debts, their where abouts, Such as what they are.  Where they are located, banks, branches, trusts, policy and account numbers.  Amount in any of the above, funds.  Where is your final resting place?  Any specific items that may be left with specific instructions.  people. How will funds be divided and to whom? This is a VERY brief example of some of what is required. When we speak the first time, I will go in to this much more.   
As far as power of attorneys~~If this is a medical power of attorney. Please state what your wishes are.  Example, life support, for how long..etc.  Banking wish's also need to be specified.  IRS powers, need tax payer ID numbers.  These are the simple questions. There will be more I can help you with when the time comes. These are very important documents for people of all ages.  Many people feel they only need to do this at an elderly age.  This is not all true. Do you want the courts to decide whom will provide and take care of your children, assets, animals?   It is very important for the young as well as old. Single or married, widowed or divorced It is NEVER to early to get your affairs in order. I am here to help you.