Confidential Comfort Paralegal-LDA, Legal Document Assistant.
Walking you through
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My goal is to give you quality service in a prompt manner.  I am able to keep my prices low by not requiring an appoitment face to face.  We have our intial intake on the telephone. 714-305-9531.  I then mail you out a packet which will contain your financial quote for your divorce, or case.  As well as a question and answer form that will purtain to the specifc case you would like me to prepare.  You then mail that back to me with your deposit check.   When I prepare a divorce case, or legal separation case, that is paid in 2 payments by you.   I prepare all your documents in triplicate, which is what the court requires.  Your originals will be marked as such. The other sets marked as required.  Upon receiving your completed documents from Confidential Comfort Paralegal-LDA you will find all 3 sets contain sticky notes  labling every signature & date line  for your signature and the date.  Along with steps to file and serve the other party.  If you prefer, I have a sister company that offers filing at the county clerk for you, as well as serving the other party. She wil pick up your signed documents from you. 
    I want to make this as easy as I can for you.  However, please remember,  I am not an attorney and can not give you any legal advice. What I can do is  handle the proceedure steps to prepare your divorce, legal separation, custody, support, and documents in the format/forms, and ordered needed.  Assist in your steps for filing your documents with the court system, and provide you with your forms to serve the other parties. Of course if you hire my sister company, she will handle your filing and service.  I will keep track of your dead line date's so you don't have to.  Some cases require more then one set of documents to be filed in a very specific order. This will avoid any confusion for you. ~~Contact me at~